Ahmed Islaih

Motion Design

Attachment Loader 

This is for attaching a file to an email. Currently a paper clip icon are associated with uploading a file.


Most of the interactions happening are being made with the paperclip icon. During the animation cycle, the paperclip will go through various transformations including a change of fill to indicate the completion of the task.


When the paper clip is closed, it indicates that the user can upload a file. When the user clicks and drags a file over the paperclip, the file will fade out indicating that the file is being upload. This is then followed by the paperclip transforming into a progress bar which tracks the progress of the task. Once the file has been uploaded the black progress bar will close back into a paperclip and a number one will show indicating that there is one file successfully uploaded.

Canada 150 Logo Animation


The aim of this project was to start with the still logo of Canada 150 and to turn the still logo and to turn it into live motion graphic that tells a story. 

The Story

The separate pieces of the logo to me represent the different provinces and territories. More specifically, the middle four pieced in the logo represent the original four provinces that first joined confederation in 1867. The rest of the pieces that surround the centre are the provinces and territories that joined later in time. Part of Canada celebrating it’s 150th anniversary is also celebrating all 13 provinces and territories united into one country.