Ahmed Islaih

BMC Control Unit

Controlling multiple cameras using a single control unit. 



The Blackmagic Studio Cameras do not have any simple method of controlling the settings on the camera.  Also, there is no display on the device that allows the user to see what the camera is capturing; the camera must be connected to a separate display in order to view the settings that are being adjusted.

The Goal

BMC Control Unit is a device that is used to control a variety of different settings on up to 8 Blackmagic Studio cameras all at once or each camera individually. The controller has the ability to adjust settings, such as focus, gain, white balance, Shutter speed, frame rate and more.

What is a Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera?

It is the world’s smallest Ultra HD live studio camera!

The Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K is a very small Ultra HD studio camera that’s perfectly designed for live production. It is a camera that can be used in HD and Ultra HD video formats for more information about these powerful cameras please visit the Blackmagic Design website

Project Overview

Using an Arduino and the Blackmagic 3G‑SDI Shield for Arduino as the main controller, an easy to use custom controller was created. A joystick, buttons, along with 3D printed components were added to adjust the setting and encapsulate the circuitry of the controller. the buttons were used to activate different setting modes such as gain control or frame rate. By tilting the x and y-axis of the joystick, the user is able to adjust up to two different parameters within an individual setting mode.


The final design of the controller was not created through the first attempt. in fact, the controller took many forms before arriving at the final form factor. Before even attempting to create the design for how the controller was going to look like, different circuits were created to figure out what components worked well with each other. 


In the early phase of research, the problem needed to be analysed. different methods to solve the problem in these phases. By reading the documentation that was found on the Blackmagic website, the appropriate solution was found. From there, some material research was conducted which resulted in a though material list. After the required materials arrived further research was required to see how all the components would work with each other.