Ahmed Islaih

My name is Ahmed Isliah,
I am an Interaction
Designer and a Robotics


03 / 06


The experiences that I've had over the years helped me develop as a person.

Diverse work


  • Mississauga Code Club

    Robotics Instructor and Curriculum Developer

  • YMCA of GTA

    Lifeguard and Swim Instructor

  • Adaptall

    Graphic Designer

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The following are some of the tools I have in my belt

Adobe CC

Knowledgable and experienced in PhotoShop, Illustrator, Acrobat, After Effects, and Premiere Pro

Physical Computing

Knowledgable and experienced in the prototyping using Arduino, C, and Java 

Web Design

Knowledgable and experienced in creating websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Jquery

User Testing

Knowledgeable and experienced in conducting usability tests

User Research

Knowledgable and experienced in interpreting data gained from user tests

User Interface

Knowledgable and experienced in creating designs for different platforms


Knowledgeable and experienced in Information Architecture, SQL and PHP

Wire Framing

Knowledgable and experienced in websites frameworks and information hierarchy 

Mock Ups

Can translate ideas from thought into beautiful designs on paper 
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What makes me, me.

I’ve always
had a passion
for inventing
and creating

My name is Ahmed Islaih, I am currently in my third year of Honours of Bachelors of Interaction Design at Sheridan College. I am a creative and multi-talented Designer with proven industry experience in various areas of print design, 3D design (Arduino) & physical computing, visual design, and photography. As shown in some pages in this site, I have hands on experience in Database (PHP), User testing & research, UX & UI Design, developed through course work at Sheridan. I am known for my facilitation and leadership skills developed over four years of experience working and leading multicultural youth groups at YMCA of GTA and Mississauga Code Club.